Food Menu

(gf) – Gluten Free | (V) – Vegan | (Veg) – Vegetarian

Wheat Free Buns available on request for $2 | Please inform our staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions | Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. A gratuity of 20% will be added to all parties of six or more.


Please keep in mind we have a small kitchen and takeout orders may not always be available during busy restaurant times especially on Friday’s and Saturday’s.  We apologize for the inconvienience.


Twisted Ale Pretzel /


Large Soft Baked Pretzel Served w/ House Made Herbed garlic Cheese Dip (Veg) add Green Onions to Sauce 1, add Bacon Bits 2

The Basket /


Basket of Beer Battered Mushrooms and Battered Elote Cheese Nuggets Served with Choice of Fries! Ranch or BBQ Sauce (Veg)

The Wings /


Basket of Wings w/ House made BBQ, Buffalo Sauce, or (V) Honey Jalapeno (Veg), Dry Rub or Nashville Seasoning w/ Ranch or Bleu Cheese

The Half N' Half /


A Half Order of Wings & a Half Order of Fries. Choose your Wing topping, dipping sauce, and selection of our signature fries.
(Sub Battered Mushrooms +3)

Fried Brussel Sprouts /

Lg 12
Sm 7

Our signature Appetizer, Seasoned Perfectly w/ Generous Amounts of Garlic. (V) (gf)

Add-Ons: Crispy Prosciutto 3, Parmesan & Balsamic Reduction (Veg) 2, Chevre Goat Cheese 2

Fresh Cut Fries /

Lg 8
Sm 5

Fresh Russet potatoes hand cut daily (V) (gf)

Truffle Fries /

Lg 9.5
Sm 5

Our Fresh Cut Fries Tossed in Truffle Oil and Served with Black Garlic Aioli (Veg) (gf) 

Crispy Yam Fries /

Lg 8
Sm 5

Lightly Battered Crispy Yam Fries (V) (gf)

Barrel Fries /

Lg 9.5
Sm 5

Fresh Cut Fries tossed in a Spiced Adobo Seasoning, served with Smoked Pepper Aioli (V)

Greens & Things

Elote Salad /


Chopped Artisan Romaine Hearts, Cilantro Lime Aioli (V), Smoked Pepper Aioli (V), Cilantro, Pickled Red Onion, Corn Pico, Oaxaca and Parmesan Mix and drizzle of Cholula Hot Sauce & Topped w/ Fried Tortilla Strips (Veg/gf) Choice of Chicken, Shrimp, Meatless Chicken or Avocado (Veg), Add Birria Meat for $2

Caesar Salad /

Lg 14
Sm 8.5

Artisan Romaine Hearts,Deep-Fried Capers, Shaved Parmesan, House Made Caesar Dressing and House Made Croutons

House Salad /

Lg 11
Sm 7

Mixed Greens, Shredded Carrots, Cucumber Slices, Grape Tomatoes, choice of Dressing (V/gf)

Fall Salad /


Red Butter Lettuce, Spinach, Butternut Squash, Candied walnuts, Chevre Goat Cheese, Spiced Poached Apples, Tossed In Maple Mustard Vinnagrette.

House Made Dressings: Ranch (Veg), Bleu Cheese, Maple Mustard Vinaegrette (V), Caesar

Add-Ons: Grilled Chicken 5, Mahi 5, Shrimp 5, Meatless Chicken 4.5, Avocado 2, Crispy Prosciutto 2.5, Bacon 2, Chevre Cheese 1.5, Croutons 1, Fresh Anchovies 2


Chef’s signature Cheese Blend (contains gluten) and topped w/ Garlic Breadcrumbs.

Add-Ons: Cashew Pesto 1.5, Truffle Oil 2, Jalapeño .5, Bleu Cheese 2, Bacon 2, Grilled Shrimp 4, Grilled Chicken 4, Buffalo 1, BBQ 1, Veggie Meatless Chicken 4.5

Mac-n Cheese /


Our Classic Mac (Veg)

The Fix /


Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Truffle Oil, and Choice of Pasta, Veggies or Mix

Veggie Mac /


A Perfect Blend of our Classic Mac-n Cheese, Cauliflower, and Broccoli (Veg)

Honey Chicken Mac /


Chicken Tenders, Bacon, Carmalized Onion, Honey

Taphouse Tacos

Priced a la carte – mix & match up to 5 per plate! Served on Local Hola! Corn Tortillas or Lettuce Wraps, Topped with Cabbage, Pickled Onions, Cilantro, Oaxaca Cheese.

add Avocado 1/Taco, add Jalapeño 0.5/Taco

Battered Mahi /


Topped w/ Corn Pico & Cilantro Lime Aioli (gf)

Grilled Mahi Mahi /


Topped w/ Corn Pico & Cilantro Lime Aioli (gf)

Birria Steak /


Topped w/ Corn Pico and Smoked Pepper Aioli (gf)

Shrimp /


Topped w/ Corn Pico & Cilantro Lime Aioli (gf)

Grilled Chicken /


Topped w/ Corn Pico & Cilantro Lime Aioli (gf)

Veggie /


Marinated Portobella Mushroom or Seared Cauliflower Topped w/ Corn Pico and Smoked Pepper Aioli (Veg/gf)

Between the Breads

Includes choice of Fries, House Salad, Caesar Salad (+1), Yam Fries (+1), Truffle Fries (+2) Barrel Fries (+2)



Seasoned Ground Beef and Lamb, Shredded Romain, House made Tzatziki, Cucumbers, Cherry tomatoes and Sliced Red Onion. Served on Grilled Nan Bread.

Harvest Grilled Cheese /


Butternut Squash, Caramelized Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Arugula, Dijonnaise, and Dark Balsamic Reduction on Toasted Sourdough (Veg)

Nashville Hot Chicken /


Fried Breaded Chicken Tossed in our Spicy Seasoning with smoked pepper Aioli, House sauce, Slaw, Pickles and drizzle of Honey on a Brioche Bun Sub Meatless Chicken 1.5 Sub Grilled No Charge Make It Extra Spicy **Caution**



 Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, House Sauce on Toasted Sourdough

Gourmet Burgers

Our premium beef patties, lamb are sourced from our neighbors at Niman Ranch.

Includes Choice of Fries, House Salad, Caesar Salad (+1), Yam Fries (+1), Truffle Fries (+2), Barrel Fries (+2)

Sub Onion Bun (1)

Barrel Burger /


Our Signature 6oz All-Grass-Fed Beef/Lamb patty, Cashew Pesto, Chevre Goat Cheese, Bell Peppers, Caramelized Onions, Fennel & Arugula on a Brioche Bun

The Downtown Burger /


6 oz Beef Patty, Orange Marmalade, Barbeque Sauce, Cheddar, Jalapenos, Bacon, and Spinach on Brioche

Mushroom Swiss /


6 oz Beef Patty, Marinated Portabello, Caramelized Onions, Swiss Cheese, Black-Garlic Aioli, House Sauce on Brioche

Dynamite Bleu /


6 oz Beef Patty, Jalapeños, Bacon, Shaft’s Bleu Cheese, Crispy Onions, House Sauce on Brioche

House Burger /


6 oz Beef Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, House Sauce on Brioche

Vegan Burger /


Impossible Patty or Meatless Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Cashew Pesto, Vegan Bun (V)

Add-Ons: Sub Chicken Breast, Jalapeños 0.5, Avocado 2, Bacon 2, Cheddar 1, Swiss 1, Bleu 1.5, Chevre Goat Cheese 1.5, , Pepper Jack 1.5, Extra Patty 6, Sub Impossible Patty 1.5, Sub Meatless Chicken 1.5, Sub Beef/Lamb Patty 2, Sub Wheat Free Bun 2